February 27, 2003

Crack, indeed

I have a big-sized assignment due tomorrow, and another one due on Monday. I should be working on it, especially if I plan to do the Pittsburg thing on Sunday. But I'm sick, meaning I don't feel like doing anything. So what do I resort to? Watching Warcraft III replays.

It's so baffling because Warcraft III isn't even that good of a game. Give me map pings, subgroups, shared unit control, and resource sharing in Starcraft (or heck, just any ONE of those) and I'll never go back. I hope my anticipated venture into Battlefield 1942 takes me away from Warcraft. Has anyone else noticed how forgettable and unimpressive the music is in that game? And then you think back to the glorious songs of victory in Warcraft II...

Why is it that no one else in the world, not even engineers, have heard of PISCES? Why am I being forced to use this piece of garbage?

Posted by Gene at February 27, 2003 09:02 PM