March 04, 2003

That's hard

My peeps from Cooper will enjoy this thoroughly. As many of you know, I'm taking an undergrad circuit design class. While the material is relatively easy, it has a lab portion, and I absolutely loathe and despise labs with a passion. It's made worse by the fact that my partner is an idiot - these are obviously NOT Cooper-quality folk, not even the other grad students in this class. We just finished 5 weeks' worth of op-amp design in two-man teams. For the next 6 weeks after spring break, our task was to choose a design project (had to do with linear circuit design) and complete it with our new five-man groups.

I convinced my team that we should design...
...a 5-band audio equalizer.


The best part is that these kids thought it was a suitably difficult project and appropriate for the time-span.

So my plan is to go home over spring break, grab the schematic of the equalizer John and I designed for our junior lab project, come back and say "OK, I did my part, you guys do the rest". Keep in mind, this was the EASY part of our junior lab project - the bitch was the power amplification stage.

I hate having to be in this lab class, and I've just secured my revenge.

Posted by Gene at March 4, 2003 11:49 PM