June 16, 2003

A pointless, late-night rant

I went to Costco earlier in the week to get new tires, and while they were replacing my old tires (a mistake, should've saved the $10 and done it myself, the jackasses didn't even put the hubcaps on properly and pinched the air valves on the tires), I sauntered around the store. I had lunch by hopping from free sample table to table, and eventually came upon their console games section. I figured, hey, I've got a PS2 and my sister now has a Gamecube, maybe there's something good.

I can say without hesitation that the gaming section of Costco is the single most depressing thing on the face of the planet. There are few games with recognizable titles. The ones that DO sound familiar make you cringe (VIP for Gameboy Color, oh baby!). Therein lies the collection of the red-headed stepchildren of gaming: the crap that only saps buy; ones that you cannot play for more than 10 minutes before you're forced to stop in order to maintain your sanity and composure. I mean, Swingerz Golf? It's odd because their PC games section, while by no means extensive, has some decent titles.

And whose brilliant idea was it to have TWO games on the Playstation named Dark Angel? One is based on the TV show (the one with the hideous acting), and another is some vampire-killing game. These people in marketing get PAID to think up such original names?

In other news, system case work is well underway, I'm almost done with the externals. This will finally give me some material to put on my Rig page. My Jersey peeps will get to see the shiz personally when we LAN. It's all about the Hunter Green.

Posted by Gene at June 16, 2003 11:50 PM