August 06, 2003

"lol suddenly gene has a tauren army"

So many things to cover...starting with relevent site news first. I have SSH access now, and I plan to use it. I may finally get this album thing done. Watchful eyes will notice that more and more material is being written in the AT journal section, however slowly. With that done, onto the giddy stuff.

I had a mentally draining evening yesterday. First, fighting at the dojo, where I tried some new stuff that paid off quite nicely. After coming home, Joe and Ari were miraculously online at the same time, so some 'crafting took place in the form of DotA. The first game fell apart quickly as people dropped out, but the second went on for an hour and two minutes. After some initial setbacks on tower losses, we persevered and won.

I was then tempted with a 3v3 game. We were pitted against level 11 players, who are in fact ranked 20th on the 3v3 ladder. We had faced them earlier in our Frozen Throne careers and lost, but we were ignorant no longer. As one can see here, they had one different member this team. Their other team is ranked #8, and they all have win percentages above 75%, so they knew what they were doing. There were some close calls on both sides, but eventually the hero assassinating, Mana Flaring, ward-stealing, unit-possessing side won. You can check the stats of the game from the link above, and the replay can be found here.

In keeping with odd, notable events, most know that I find and share hot deals on various forums, but now my dad has achieved an accomplishment in that department as well. If you hit up Techbargains and scroll down to the August 4th deals (about a quarter of the way down), you'll see a deal for an Epson C62 printer, $39 with no rebates. The old man submitted that one, and anyone who needs a printer should definitely hit up BestBuy. The cartridges for those printers are about $20 each, and this one comes with color and black cartridges, meaning you essentially get the printer for free.

Posted by Gene at August 6, 2003 12:27 PM