September 06, 2003

Catching up

Before I go on to report on last weekend's parties, I thought some might be interested in seeing what was in a store window here, as spotted earlier today.


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Yeah...apparently they didn't think they'd be trailing by three touchdowns halfway into the first quarter. Anyhow, party info and a link to pictures follows.

Labor Day weekend's events started Saturday at 3 with a birthday party at Bill's place for Cleary. It was good to see people from the dojo one last time before heading out to the corn, especially good-looking ones like a particular blond and her sister. After some food, watching people who could actually play pool, and mocking Bill, it was time to move along to the second outing of the day, O Bash 2003.

It was far smaller this time than last year's bash, but that was fine. It just meant there were more people I actually knew. I spent time mocking Bill #2 here - it was just not a day for me to be kind to people named Bill. After some conversations about sex changes, Shawn's status as a workaholic, investment possibilities for BJ, I was shocked to realize two things.

BJ is taller than me. When the hell did that happen? I'll have to break his knees to bring him down.

Shawn kept referring to me by my last name. No one ever does that, anywhere.

After some people had gone home, we were told that Dave was coming over. Pantz immediately began plotting - others were involved in the upcoming attack on Dave, but none as zealous as Pantz. I could say more, but visual aid helps. /images/o_bash/ has what you need. A few words:

well_stocked.jpg - this was one of the first things I saw. I almost cried.

light_mayo.jpg - he's not foaming at the mouth...exactly. Just reacting to what was put in his mouth.

hard_work.jpg - oh, but Pantz isn't done yet. Unfortunately you can't really see the thumb tacks...

rage.jpg - Dave tries to pull some kinda Hulk-like-anger maneuver to get out of the chair, but he only succeeds in pinching off the blood to his left arm.

all_good.jpg - proof that he survived the experience, clearing us (well, mostly Pantz) of any charges.

Posted by Gene at September 6, 2003 07:50 PM