September 30, 2003

The Update Before The Update

Yes, Indiana is over and done with, I'm back in the another corn-filled state. I had a fantastic time. You know how when someone asks you "So did you have a good time?" after a trip, and you usually say "Sure" because you either...

(a) Want to be nice, because perhaps the trip was this person's idea?
(b) Say it only because it wasn't necessarily a horrible trip, but nothing special?

This was definitely not the case here. This was one of the best things I'd done in a while. After I create an album theme I like (I'm actually motivated now) and retrieve some of the pictures Nuval has absconded with, I'll pop the photos online. I'll also write up an entry about the trip shortly.

In the meantime, I've also acquired 4 more trail photos from Joe, so that's also some motivation to finish my trail journal. Hey, it was motivation enough to get my scanner working.

Also, I swear I didn't know this, but in my last update, I was actually correct. There are three main types of corn out there. I was just pulling a number out of the air when writing that.

Posted by Gene at September 30, 2003 05:19 PM