December 16, 2003

Work Complete

Almost. Finals done, two more roving shifts before I can head back to NJ. Then there will be drinking at McSorley's with Cooper folk and LAN action at Shawn's. Finally those Star Wars nerds have discovered the wonders of BF1942 and Desert Combat. I may also spend time teaching Dave the finer points of FFXI.

Have the apartment currently hooked on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Also introduced Justin (our roomy from Taiwan) to Ghostbusters. Life is good.

Florida trip seems less feasible than originally anticipated - sorry Matt, Joe, John, et al. We'll simply have to replace it with something else.

I heard a girl on the bus talking about her courses. "Sports Psychology"? "Adaptive Phys Ed"? How much effort does one have to put into making a course filled with such unbelievable bullshit? It seems a mere mortal would have too much shame creating such an atrocity. Truly, these are hell-spawned courses that would make even the already-bullshitty business major cringe.

Posted by Gene at December 16, 2003 03:01 PM