May 14, 2004

"Grass don't have no rim"

Wednesday night, party at Dennis' former abode, marking both the end of the semester and his moving out. Highlights included a 2-story beer bong, a big guy telling it like it is, and Dennis authorizing my being unleashed to deal with...issues.

Yesterday evening was the redone results of failed plans from the previous week. I wanted to show people why McSorley's is THE place to go. O had already been swayed not only by my stories, but by his own purchases of the beer and sampling it on tap at a local bar. I alerted Joe and Ari of our plans, and they headed there after work, which let them nab a table for us. We were able to come with myself, O, Shawn, Lynn and Bill at around 7:30. Ari had to leave around 8:30 for obligations with the in-laws, but Joe's brother Rich soon replaced him, so we were at a steady 7 people most of the time. It was a glorious night.

Bill and O sampled the mustard.
O and Joe exchanged dorky tabletop D&D stories.
Bill got a girl's number, but the jury's still out on whether or not it's legitimate.
Shawn revealed his insidious plans to buy the next-gen video cards the moment they came out this summer.
O tried to get Joe into Hearts of Iron, and Rich briefly tried to get us into Natural Selection.
Bill also shared his crackpot schemes of us going into business together.
I informed Rich that the bastard had affected the gaming habits of at least a dozen people when he'd introduced Joe to DotA.
O loved the fact that an extra beer always seemed to be on the table when he ran out, and, on chugging: "I sometimes chug these by accident."
Joe and I became respectively clearer on what happened to the other in Maine.

Finally, the most important - the NJ crew decided to come to McSorley's on the second Thursday of every month. Whether or not they will maintain that is an entirely different issue, but I'm proud of them for considering it.

Oh, and I'm also proud of the $264 tab we ran up.

O had run his debt to me up to $50 as well, half of it remaining from the AC trip. Before we got on the train, Bill showed us his "secret hiding place" for smoking inside Penn Station, and also showed us all the trash where the bums live above the tracks. On the ride back, we each got an entire seat to spread out across, which was good since we were acting very...happy. Bill took a nap while O and I plotted evil things to do to him with the crowbar and sledgehammer behind the seat. The title of the entry refers to a bathroom choice made by O after we were off the train.

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