July 12, 2004

Regarding the movie

A lot of people have been asking me what I thought of Spider-Man 2 - not that I could possibly fathom why they'd ask me. I can't really give an opinion because of my different perspective. I'd grown up on the comics and the cartoons, though it wasn't until high school that my obsession truly kicked in. My view on the film is skewed by all this. Now, this isn't to say I'm one of those idiots that whines "Oh, this movie sucked - in the comics, Doc Ock was around before the Green Goblin" (which he was). I don't care about trivial things like storyline discrepancies. I'm a different type of idiot, one who wants the character of Spider-Man to remain true to the spirit of the comics, because that's the reason I kept reading & watching. If the general public is going to be introduced to Spider-Man this way, I want them to get to know the same Spidey I know.

Now, obviously the movie does a pretty good job with this or it wouldn't be the best-reviewed film of 2004. But me, I know Spidey's better than this. He has more quips and one-liners during battles, tricking you into thinking he's having a blast when really he's terrified. He implements more impressive acrobatics from one building to another when traversing the city, rather than just constantly web-slinging. I have many more irrelevent observations. Was it a good use of 2 hours of my time? Sure. Will I get the DVD? Of course, you can't pass up those battle scenes. Besides, at the peak of the train scene, I had something going on inside me other than excitement. I'm not too familiar with these "emotion" things so I can't be too certain, but it kinda felt like when you're trying to get a video card on Black Friday and you see someone 10 feet in front of you take the last one. That was the one I was feeling. So, I guess the movie was good.

But they could still do better.

Posted by Gene at July 12, 2004 04:01 PM