March 02, 2005

Well that wasn't such a chore now, was it?

Before I depart to Ireland for a week, I figured I should get some updates out of the way. First off, the CampLAN info is up with pictures! About time, I know I know. Bill's given me enough flak for it.

Furthermore, there's a conversation that took place at OLan 3 weeks ago that I figured needed publication. Note that the Joe mentioned here is Funk-Docta Joe, not Monkey Joe.

(after describing how proud he was of the line-wrap job in his case...)
Jerry: You know Joe, you used to be such a cool guy before you started hanging out with us.
Joe: What do you mean? I consider myself a cool guy. I've got a good job, great girl, nice computer...
Jerry: See? You said nice computer. Cool guys don't include that in the list of things that make them cool.
Me: Yeah, sorry Joe, he's right.
Joe: Shut up.

See you all in a week.

Posted by Gene at March 2, 2005 05:32 PM