July 21, 2006

Biggest interdimensional cross rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909

Four years later...he finally got off his lazy ass and finished it.

The AT journal is complete. I think. But that's where you come in.

I believe everything is in order. But I'm sloppy sometimes, so if you notice a missing link or a picture that's not what it should be, please let me know. Hell, inform me of any horrid grammatical errors I may have made as well. Otherwise, for those of you who enjoy reading such things, have at it. The entire Katahdin->Monson trip, plus a few interesting tidbits from after the journey, are all now documented, photos included.

Oh, and I realize the "Previous" and "Next" buttons don't show up in Mozilla - I'm not sure why the script doesn't work outside of IE, but if I can't figure out within a few days, I'll just put boring, stale hyperlinks in their stead.

Posted by Gene at July 21, 2006 03:03 AM