July 03, 2007

There was a prophecy, just before his head died

This website is something like a mistreated pet. I'll forget about it for the longest time...let it starve, whimper, live in its own feces. Then I'll remember that I have it and suddenly start playing with it and giving it attention simply for my own selfish entertainment. I fully expect this site to one day up and die on me from the psychological mistreatment I've been doling out. But before that happens, let's recap on life in Gene's odd little realm of existence over the past few months.

St. Patty's Day - March 17th
Good times at Seaside. Guinness braised corned beef confirms that there is a God, and JerryO's appearance might have had some divine meaning as well. I'd say more, but Billy Vegas already took the effort to do so - as such, I'll just refer you to his site.

Video Games Live: New Haven, CT - March 31st
I had been eying the existence of the Video Games Live concert series for some time, and it appeared that their show at New Haven would be the closest venue for the immediate future. I informed my sister of my intent, and she roped in her boyfriend to joining us. I similarly tricked Tiff (hereafter accurately referred to as "the woman") into going. We interrupted our wandering of New Haven by eating at a quaint little pub. Food and drink was great there, garnering everyone's approval. The show itself was pretty good, unfortunately Square-Enix didn't permit visuals at the concert, so the Final Fantasy music wasn't as full of an experience as it could've been. My favorite was likely the video game pianist, who got popular by showcasing online videos of himself playing popular tunes blindfolded. That guy is really something else.

Engagements and other Natural Disasters - April 14
The woman's friends were having a get-together (really, a guild-get-together) in Jersey, about 45 minutes south of her place. We went, and while this was my second serious sit-down with Wii action, the big kicker came when my sister called me. And told me that she was...


To which my reaction was "Why?". Apparently that wasn't the response she was looking for. "What do you mean, 'why'?". To be fair, my attention was split at the moment. There was a certain individual at the get-together who was apparently infatuated with my woman and took it upon himself to both have his hands on her (a lot), and inform her that I was no good for her. Being the free thinker I am and trusting her as I do, I decided to ignore it until we were out of there instead of, say, grabbing him by his hair and shoving his face into a wall. As satisfying as it would've been I realized it wouldn't have accomplished anything.

Regardless, suppressing the urge to inflict bodily harm on one arrogant enough to both makes moves on my woman...IN FRONT OF ME...and then proceed to badmouth me...WHILE I'M THERE...distracted me enough from giving my sister the attention she deserved. I am, both in theory and practice, happy for her, and I've given the now-fiance appropriate warnings of my protective nature for the little one.

Apocalypse of Dorkdom - April 28th
Joe (monkey Joe, aka Conan of hiker fame) and I hadn't hung out in a while, so we decided it was time to remedy that. He arrived late Saturday afternoon with laptop in tow, prepared to lower himself to the level that we were both familiar with. After purchasing requisite amounts of alcohol, we sat down and power-level-AoE-farmed his paladin. The woman showed up later on as well, and we took a break with Chinese food from Eastern Empire and an episode of Stargate: SG-1. When we resumed power-leveling practices, I discovered that the RF remote I was using for the purposes of DVD control could also be used to send other commands to the computer. So, we all sat on the (comfy) couch, Joe playing his paladin on his laptop, and myself...I pushed the buttons 1 and 2 on the remote when his paladin needed healing. An eventful night, even if the woman did have wine and smack me in the head.

I Spy a Nuval - May 4th to May 6th
Champion of devices whose names are preceded with the letter "i", teacher to some, student to others, friend to me: the n00v. In one of his usual selfless treks across the country and out of CheeseLand, Anthony decided to grace us eastern-coast folks with his presence as we always appreciate his efforts. Timing was a bit odd as he got in late Friday and I had at least one class to teach at the dojo on Saturday. After a hop to Perkin's for breakfast, I sent him off my with GPS and he explored the various niceties of Sandy Hook.

After he took many photos in which his Mini was the focal point, he returned some time after I had come back from teaching my class and we headed down to the woman's place for dinner and ZIM. Yes, as much Zim as we could fit in without performing some sort of time dilation. The following morning, he and I went to watch Spider-Man 3 at a local theater before he headed off to Jersey City to meet up with other old friends. One of these days I'll be smart enough to visit him for a change.

Back to the Future...I mean, Jewish Wedding - May 27th
CHA GOT MARRIED. Ha. That's all that need be said.

Ok, I'll say a little more. Jerry swung by, as did the woman, and we headed up to Branches. We met BJ and Tash there and eventually ran into other regulars like Adam and Matty. We got to finally meet Chris, which had been long overdue. The reception had a live band which was pretty damned awesome. Tash and the woman made regular drink runs, which led to uppitiness as BJ and Tash ended up spilling wine on each other, and a bit on the woman. Luckily, no lasting damage seemed to persist. A chocolate fountain and a dance later, we headed home to my apartment. It was a 6 p.m. wedding, but dessert wasn't served until around 11:30 if memory serves. By the time the reception was actually over, I was beat. I informed Cha and Heather of the following many times: this was one of the few weddings where I wasn't bored to stay as long as I did. Sure, the company had something to do with it, but I liked how everything was organized, and the live band...oh yeah. Many good tidings to Kotler/Gelb!

Birthday of Woman - June 30th to July 2nd
In order to aid forgetful beings such as myself, the powers that be had made it so the woman's birthday is exactly 6 months - to the day - apart from mine. Even I can't mess that up. "Is it 6 months before or after my birthday?...WAIT IT'S THE SAME, WOO." One dancing turtle birthday card later, we were off to Maryland to visit her sister for the weekend. Apparently the woman has some "thing" for decks and animals and trees. We wandered around Annapolis on Saturday and I had crab dip which was better than the crab dip I had at Outback but wasn't better than the crab dip that they used to have, so the crab dip I had was somewhere in the middle of my intended lifetime crab dip experience. P.S. Crab dip.

I wasn't expecting to have dinner with her entire family on Saturday, but that's what happened and I'm told I survived somehow. On Sunday I went to a big fancy-shmancy church in Annapolis and experienced a refreshingly enlightening sermon. We all then took the woman on a relatively short hike through some local park. While it may have been short, it was rather rocky and required a tiny bit of climbing, but mostly careful foot placement because it WAS an ankle-twisting landscape. I say that we "took the woman" because her initial inclination was to sit out and wait for us (her sister, sister's husband and myself) to do said trek. Late that evening, we (or more accurately, *I*) drove her car back without incident. Much to her surprise, no spontaneous combustions took place as a result of me being the driver's seat for the second time that day (I drove it to church, haha, without her in the car, to boot!).

And then I took a week off from work to see if I could remember how to do nothing. Ha!

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