February 27, 2003

Crack, indeed

I have a big-sized assignment due tomorrow, and another one due on Monday. I should be working on it, especially if I plan to do the Pittsburg thing on Sunday. But I'm sick, meaning I don't feel like doing anything. So what do I resort to? Watching Warcraft III replays.

It's so baffling because Warcraft III isn't even that good of a game. Give me map pings, subgroups, shared unit control, and resource sharing in Starcraft (or heck, just any ONE of those) and I'll never go back. I hope my anticipated venture into Battlefield 1942 takes me away from Warcraft. Has anyone else noticed how forgettable and unimpressive the music is in that game? And then you think back to the glorious songs of victory in Warcraft II...

Why is it that no one else in the world, not even engineers, have heard of PISCES? Why am I being forced to use this piece of garbage?

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The Squirrel, The

A squirrel sneezed on me two days ago.

Now I'm sick.

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February 25, 2003

Upgrade Complete

So you might've noticed a few changes 'round here. Yes, I'm now using Movable Type to add the updates to my site. I put this off for as long as possible, but it was getting kinda ridiculous. The main page was full of news items from as far back as August of last year. It was quite long, and I didn't feel like constantly and manually trimming it, along with putting the old items into archive pages. This is somewhat cleaner, and people can respond with inane comments if they so desire.

Why didn't I do this sooner? I don't like automated scripts. It makes me feel like I'm letting someone else work on my site, rather than having me do it all manually. I'll settle for customizing Movable Type itself to my liking, I suppose. Which reminds me, I'm not done tweaking this thing yet. I was going to hold off putting this on my main page, but who cares about perfection? As long as it (kinda) works, that's good enough. Which reminds me (again), Internet Explorer is stupid, so if you click on the Comments link, you'll notice some text has blended into the background (thus becoming invisible) unless you scroll away from it or highlight it. I can hear you all saying "huh?". Just keep in mind that IE is a retarded browser. If you want something a little less retarded and a little more cooperative, use Mozilla.

Where have all the old items gone? They're at www.spider-gene.com/archives/ if you need them for whatever reason. For now, I'm happy with how this is working out.

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The trial continues

New things will come here soon. Mainly pictures and albums, I've just been lazy about putting them up because I want to create a custom theme (I'm using the album Perl script that n00v used to use) but I haven't been able to find certain image that I need. Then you'll see the horror that is Pennsylvania.

My semiconductor physics professor (mistakenly) thinks I'm some sort of Unix guru. When asking if there was anyone who was running an operating system other than Windows, I naturally raised my hand. Thus, he got the Unix version of PISCES for me so I could run it on my Linux box. Of course, I didn't feel the need to mention to him that I *also* have a Windows system here. Later on he asked if everyone was familiar with PSPICE. I replied no, only HSPICE. He said "Oh, right, you're the Unix guy, I should've guessed you'd know the command line version." However, speaking of my Windows box...

I had to reactivate Windows XP for the 3rd time this semester so far. "Significant hardware changes" my ass. Listen up folks, here's some advice that'll take you far: resist the urge to go legit. Don't buy an actual copy of Windows XP unless you never ever plan to change any of the hardware inside. I hereby encourage you to get an illegal copy, and if you need Service Pack 1, install the cracked version. I only spent $40 on my legitimate copy of WinXP, and its the worst $40 I've ever spent.

Joe and I have determined that there are few things more painful in this world than calls from home. They call for no reason, they ask silly questions ("Are you eating?"), and they (mothers, mainly) continually remember questions they were going to ask you as the conversation goes on ("Oh, I just remembered what I was going to ask...are you eating? Are you sure? You're not forgetting?"). It is indeed a strange ritual.

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