March 30, 2003

u r teh sukc

Hooo hooo hoo. What's lame? A person who thinks their ladder status/record is representative of one's worth in life. What's lamer? A person who thinks their ladder status/record in a BETA version of a game is representative of one's worth in life. What's lamest? A person who thinks their ladder status/record in a BETA version of a game is representative of one's worth in life, and will abuse any bug or cheat they can find in order to raise said status.

The monkey and I jumped in for an Arranged Team game in the War3 expansion beta yesterday. Long story short, the two players we were teamed up against were abusing a bug in the patch which was released about 36 hours ago, wherein you can repeatedly use a tome over and over to raise your stats indefinitely. Blizzard has promised to have a new patch out by Monday, but we decided to play anyway, on the outside chance that we might get a legitimate, fair match.

But the twist in this story? Despite the fact that they cheated, we still won without resorting to the same abuse bug. Click on the thumbnail below to get a good look at their 6000 HP, 1515 mana Mountain King. He died a mighty death.

Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there! I looked at their profiles after the game, and one of them had a link to his website. So I went there, found his e-mail address, and proceeded to sign him up for newsletters, spam, and porn of all sorts.

I hate cheaters, which is why LAN parties are so great. They're people you know so they probably won't cheat, but if someone does, it's pretty easy to take 3 steps over and kick them in the head.

Oh, and P.S. Now that I'm using these database archiving scripts, you know you people CAN leave comments here instead of just paging me all the time. My poor little watch goes through those batteries so quickly now.

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March 23, 2003

Gaming is good

It's all coming back to me. First one is BF1942 - I'm a "best player", whee. Second one should be obvious (beta 3.04 for the curious).

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March 20, 2003

Overclock junkies

On some forums which shall remain nameless, an individual started a thread called "Overclocking: The Harmful Side Effects?", asking if there was anything to watch out for other than heat. One person answered that, yes, a harmful side effect takes place on your wallet. Many agreed, which led one person to post:

"You guys are a bunch of strung out overclock junkies who will end up turning to male prostitution in order to support your habit! if you don't get help at Charter, please, get help somewhere" which others replied:

"male prostitution... dammit... why didn't I think of it!! 3.06, here I come..."
"Sean, I think you've got a self-esteem issue! I wouldn't sell my ass for anything less than a 3.2GHz Prescott Engineering Sample!"
"depends if its straight male prostitution, or...."

It speaks for itself.

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March 18, 2003

Good work soldier

I'll take a break from Battlefield 1942 to throw an update here. First and foremost, being a participant in the Warcraft 3 Expansion Beta has proven to me just how shallow most of these players are. That's why I've been spending time on BF1942. War3 beta is filled with crying babies, cheaters and Tillerman-lovers (War3 folks know what I mean), while Splinter Cell is inferior in many ways to the Thief series. BF1942 is perfect for me, a better game I couldn't have gotten.

And now since I'm going to write about the weekend visit to the city, which probably isn't of interest to everyone, it'll be continued below...

Spring break had been good to me. I got to get away from the farms, visit the dojo, see old friends (including a certain girl) and not have to worry about how introducing a SiGe layer in an HBT can tune the base current to increase the breakdown voltage without affecting the cutoff frequency. However, I wouldn't feel cleansed of Pennsylvania's backwardness unless I made a visit to the city, especially with college peeps.

As Nuval was finding a parking space, I strolled into Paul's and found Joe already there. Hennessy appeared shortly with Tony, and even Keith managed to get away from his family obligations to visit us. True to form, we ordered our usuals (the waitress even remembered that Joe liked his vanilla shakes, and told him they didn't have any) like the boring people we are. Something odd must've happened to John up in Boston because he now consumed his french fries using a fork. He also had hair.

Eventually we all somehow got to the topic of what the students were like at our respective universities. According to Keith, the students are Princetons are arrogant little pricks who like to gloat about how smart they are, even when they're not doing that well. According to John, the undergrads at MIT have all lost their will to live, saying things like "I hate MIT. Coming here was the worst choice I ever made". According to Joe, the undergrads at Purdue are just plain stupid, and his opinion of them has never been lower. According to me, the students at Penn State are whining babies who won't let an assignment go by without asking for an extention, or a test go by without complaining about the grading, or even going so far as to ask for a RETAKE.

After Paul's, we sauntered down to McSorley's to drink the elixir of life. The place was unusually crowded for 1 p.m. on a Saturday, and we couldn't even get a table. Stupid St. Patty's Day Weekend. Joe and I both noticed that we were taking the stuff down like water - obviously it had been too long since we'd had their darks. I was taking them down faster than anyone, which was usually Joe's job. He and I took three rounds, Nuval and Hennessy took two, and even Keith managed a round (yes, both mugs, not a "Jody round").

We agreed to go to see Daredevil next, but we had to wait over half an hour to get the next showing. Hanging out at Union Square, we smirked at skateboarders as they tripped, fell, and defaced public property. When we finally left for the movie, Keith had to go - he had shirked his family obligations long enough. The movie was very informative, I learned two things:

1) Should I ever wish to become a crimefighter in NYC, transportation won't be a problem, as the city mandates that there must be trampolines on rooftops. Like John said, "I can buy the whole heightened senses thing, but why was he jumping 20 feet into the air?"
2) Again, if I am to be a superhero, I should not use the same stick for crime fighting as I do for my non-hero activities. Even the people who were fooled by Clark Kent's glasses could figure this one out.

A bathroom visit was required after we left the theatre, so we made a stop to Cooper and its lovely public facilities. There we ran into Joey who convinced us to hit the ale house on St. Mark's Place for happy hour. Much convincing was required, indeed. Many wonderful tales were exchanged, including how Toby failed half of his last Electronics II class. Good to see the ol' boy hasn't lost his touch.

When we finally went our separate ways, I had Nuval drive me home. The most interesting part had to be when he was forced to tap on the window of the lady in front of us, who had fallen asleep in her car in the midst of city traffic. I showed him where to get cheap NJ gas, and we rounded out the night with some Strong Bad humor and SG-1 DVDs.

And so ended my week in Jersey, as the next day I headed back to the farms of Pennsylvania. My compensation was having a GB of RAM waiting to be put into my system, among other things.

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March 13, 2003

Calling all Cooperites

For those of you who can be in the city this Saturday, we'll be meeting at Paul's for burgers around noon'ish, then heading over to McSorley's. Hennessy, this means you (you haven't been online lately, we couldn't bug you about it).

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March 10, 2003

Justice at last!!

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 14:41:52 -0800
From: war3xbetadistribution
Subject: Welcome to the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Beta Program

Welcome to the Warcraft(R) III: The Frozen Throne(TM) Beta

You made it!

My day has come! The irony is that today I finally got the cracked version of the beta working on a Warforge server. At least now I don't have to mess with that. Vengeance for ZuulGene.

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March 07, 2003


So long Pennsylvania. You may suck the exhaust from my Mazda.

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March 04, 2003

That's hard

My peeps from Cooper will enjoy this thoroughly. As many of you know, I'm taking an undergrad circuit design class. While the material is relatively easy, it has a lab portion, and I absolutely loathe and despise labs with a passion. It's made worse by the fact that my partner is an idiot - these are obviously NOT Cooper-quality folk, not even the other grad students in this class. We just finished 5 weeks' worth of op-amp design in two-man teams. For the next 6 weeks after spring break, our task was to choose a design project (had to do with linear circuit design) and complete it with our new five-man groups.

I convinced my team that we should design...
...a 5-band audio equalizer.


The best part is that these kids thought it was a suitably difficult project and appropriate for the time-span.

So my plan is to go home over spring break, grab the schematic of the equalizer John and I designed for our junior lab project, come back and say "OK, I did my part, you guys do the rest". Keep in mind, this was the EASY part of our junior lab project - the bitch was the power amplification stage.

I hate having to be in this lab class, and I've just secured my revenge.

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March 02, 2003


Joe got in on the Warcraft 3 Expansion Beta. DAMN! What kind of universe is this? I don't get in on the War3 Expansion Beta, but I got the Diablo II beta? That's my compensation? Where's the justice?

I'll finish up this rant right I realize I'll be playing the expansion on independent servers soon anyhow.

So JerryO and BJ tell me I should get into C&C Generals. Another strategy game to suck up my time? Sure, why not.

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