March 08, 2004

If this was Vegas...

Dammit. I really wasn't going to go into detail about what went on this weekend, but...

(1) I didn't have my camera, so no photos to remind me of it years down the line, and...
(2) BJ made me do it. OK, he technically didn't, but close enough.

It won't be short. So I'm hiding the rest in an extended entry.

Saturday, arrived @ O's around 1800 hours. Shawn & Lynn were already there, Bill rolled up shortly. We waited for Dennis (while devouring some of O's dad's wonderful garlic meatballs), but we didn't leave long after our anticipated depature time of 1900. After a bit of mess with my weak radios, we popped into BJ's beach house. After a smoke-up on the porch where the others reminisced about daring Bill to submerge himself in those cold waters a little over a year ago, we pulled BJ away from his female plaything rolled out to Atlantic City. We weren't really sure why we let Bill take point, moreso when he led us onto the Parkway...north-bound. My guess is that we couldn't help but look at his bumper sticker.

"This is Atlantic City. You're allowed to do that." n00b

With our cars taken by valet parking at the Sheraton, Shawn & co. got an upgrade to their room, and we were off to Ceasar's in the complimentary limo. I knew to expect high prices, but the $25 buffet still caught me off-guard. I forgot all about that as soon as I saw crab legs. And shrimp. And 8 different kinds of meat. And cake. Lots of cake. After three plates of food and two slices of cake (I planned for three slices, but alas, it was not to be), we got a few drinks downstairs. We wandered around looking for low-bet tables...and wandered...and wandered...

After going in circles for a while, we finally gave up and headed to Borgata for the main action. There was more wandering, but people eventually found things to do. Lynn won $100 at a Playboy slot machine for a $1 bet. Later, while waiting for Dennis, Bill and BJ to be let into the poker tables, there was some betting on the ponies. O called the second race's two horses perfectly. Eventually I got to supervising him at the craps table. He fell all the way to the 'teens or so, and then worked his way back to around $30-40 in the black. And then...fell back to $3. Such was the night.

BJ, Dennis and Bill eventually got their tables and were playing for quite a while. Dennis ended up losing a few bills...Bill lost many, MANY bills, and BJ came ahead by about $20. In the meantime, the most of us were thinking of the many things we'd like to do to the waitresses. A few games of blackjack upstairs, and before we knew it, it was getting close to 0700 and time to head back to the hotel. Just before that happened, BJ & Dennis were talking up some ladies at the bar, while O and I were observing a drunken moron getting removed from a fight, and later arrested. Back at the hotel, we realized that Shawn & co. had to check out at 1100, which was about $50/hour for a place to sleep. After observing a crackwhore stumbling around the hotel, were off for home.

Driving home, the new theme phrase was created, which is also the title of this entry: "If this was Vegas..." JerryO, myself, BJ, Dennis and GQ were headed back to BJ's beach house while looking for bitches on the roads. Another oft-repeated phrase that morning, "Holy crap we're gonna be in Vegas in 6 days", was tossed around in the car. BJ put it best with "This is how you should leave AC - with the sun coming up while guffawing in the car."

Dennis got a drink & bagel at BJ's place before hopping back into the car with us to head the rest of the way to O's place. Once there, he drove back home, while Jerry and I went to sleep - it was sometimes around 0930. I told him that I had no concept of time when sleeping, so he should wake me up. He said that whoever got up first would just wake the other. Well, around 1800, I got up and knocked on O's door. I heard him roll over, presumably look at his clock, and say "oh shit". We got underway to setting up for some System Shock 2 action, but we quickly realized there was a problem: we were short one Ethernet cable. With all major stores closing at 1900 hours on a Sunday, we were SOL...until we called up the b-day boy. He made a trip to us after he was done with dinner with the parents to drop off a cable. With a quick Direct3D texture fix on O's system, we were underway for SS2.

Silence the dischord.

Ten hours later, we wrapped up; the timestamp on the saved game said 9:53 hours. I returned home...and part 2 would come in a few days.

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