April 09, 2004

Testing, testing, 1, 2

No updates for about a month because I moved the site over to a less sucky server that doesn't, you know...uh, suck, as much. But I did that over spring break, so I had my site backup on my dad's system in NJ. I didn't get the site fully restored before I left for PA again (mainly making MovableType play nice with the new server and its new local paths), so I never quite felt motivated to move the backups off my dad's system and tinker with them in PA to get spider-gene.com running again. I'm lazy like that, this should be no surprise to any of you.

The only other thing I want to note before returning to operation as usual here is that Jerry and I did, indeed, beat System Shock 2 together. We had two separate 10-hour sessions to complete this task, and it was indeed an epic conclusion. I seriously thought we'd have to give up and start fresh on that last board inside The Many, but O was determined, and we persevered through a monumental battle that was followed by several minutes of "Holy crap, did you see...?" "...and when I was shooting and you were being chased by the..." "...and then I had to blow up those things as I ran by you..." "...and all I saw was you running and those guys after you and I couldn't safely shoot them without hitting you and..." The 10-hour session was indeed impressive, but apparently Tycho (of Penny-Arcade fame) had a 12-hour session, so we have to at least match that when we try again with Shawn. By his own admission, Tycho had "quite honestly and truly gone a little nuts" after those 12 hours, but I think my boys in Jersey can handle it.

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