September 09, 2004

That's a big Twinkie

My poor, neglected site. I treat her so poorly.

So, let's see. The week in NJ was good - hung out with O and Scanlon the first weekend, met their friend Brian whom I didn't care for. The edge has not been taken off. A visit to the dojo took place on Thursday, where everyone once again asked why the hell I wasn't around during the summer. Then a wonderous Friday visit to the city for drinking at McSorley's, preempted by a Paul's run with Joe at 4:20 (heh heh). MattyU was kind enough to swing by with a friend, and we were all pleased to see Richie, but I was even happier when Tommy came in. Despite the wonderous treatment that Tommy gave us by upgrading our table, BJ never showed, and he has yet to pay for the indiscretion. O ended up owing me $50 again, but it was indirectly Bill's fault. After a lot of fun, a lot of shouting, and a lot of drinking, it was time to go home, but not before getting kicked off a train. Just in time for company and a family BBQ the next day.

Returned to PA on 8/30, been suffering here ever since. At least we're hitting the gym more, and I'm finding out that 14 years of martial arts, along with some occasional hiking, have not done my legs wrong. Speaking of hiking, I've finally added two more days onto the ever-unfinished AT journal. Only 3 days left to write of course fixing all my typos, adding in the missing pictures/descriptions, and replacing forgotten names.

In closing, it's good to see someone finally put one of my former relationship into comic form. I won't go naming names as to whom I think this comic describes, but her name starts with "Chris" and ends with "tina".

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