October 07, 2004

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats, living together...

Yes, yes, I've been told by three different people already, you can stop hassling...I can't come to Jersey this weekend (working the game vs. Purdue), nor the next weekend (wedding). I'm well aware that I'm missing out on some good action, but I'll be back in December. I don't really count Thanksgiving, it's too brief to do anything big.

I must toss out congrats to Ari at this point...I would go on with a few crude comments, but on the off chance that Sara might ever see this site, I'd like to keep my testicles intact.

And finally, females continue to confound me. This and more painfully obvious news, tonight at 11.

If you've caught onto the theme I've been using for my entry titles recently, I'll give you a cookie.

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