March 20, 2005

Because you did not say the magic word

St. Patty's day was fun, even got a t-shirt to prove my friends and I wedged ourselves into McSorley's on such an insane day. Props to BJ for weaseling a friend into letting us slip in ahead of the line. Too bad I wasn't there for the Opie & Anthony insanity earlier, but eh, oversleeping will do that to ya. And yay for everything "extreme".

"I'm gonna WOW his little guy"

In other news, my most sincere congrats to Ari and Sara - as of 8:52 p.m. yesterday, a very little man joined their family. My best to them all.

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March 16, 2005

Hot beverage thermal mug and free balloon for the kids

A sampling of our Ireland photos can be found here. Yes, this is what you have to settle for since I'm too lazy to finish up the album scripts on my Linux box for the photo section of this site.

The links page has also been updated, to include the sites of two great bands and refresh some old sites.

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March 02, 2005

Well that wasn't such a chore now, was it?

Before I depart to Ireland for a week, I figured I should get some updates out of the way. First off, the CampLAN info is up with pictures! About time, I know I know. Bill's given me enough flak for it.

Furthermore, there's a conversation that took place at OLan 3 weeks ago that I figured needed publication. Note that the Joe mentioned here is Funk-Docta Joe, not Monkey Joe.

(after describing how proud he was of the line-wrap job in his case...)
Jerry: You know Joe, you used to be such a cool guy before you started hanging out with us.
Joe: What do you mean? I consider myself a cool guy. I've got a good job, great girl, nice computer...
Jerry: See? You said nice computer. Cool guys don't include that in the list of things that make them cool.
Me: Yeah, sorry Joe, he's right.
Joe: Shut up.

See you all in a week.

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