June 10, 2005

A violent, prolonged, transformative psychic episode

I've said it before: "My poor, neglected site. I treat her so poorly". Time for some catching up.

Last weekend in May
Memorial Day Weekend found Nuval coming over from Wisconsin to remind himself what the east side was like. Fun was had, including the corruption of MattyU's mind by introducing him to a particular evil. But as always, pictures speak louder than words (no, those aren't my photos, they're n00v's). My cousin was married that same weekend - as were apparently a a good number of other people - so it was rather busy.

Turning a quarter of a century old
The Monkey joined the 25 club this past Tuesday. Part of his celebration took place, of course, at the holiest of grounds, McSorley's. Although...I felt bad for Ari, since they were out of tuna, reducing him to crackers to try and stave off the overwhelming sensations brought on by the darks. Oh, and girls with a moderate buzz acting fully drunk is always amusing.

The beginning of the end
My paper was accepted for an IEEE conference presentation, meaning that things are most assuredly coming to a close this summer. Soon I will be able to put Penn State behind me, keeping the memories of good roommates and discarding requests for this alumnus to contribute money.

With efforts shifting fully toward a job hunt and putting this "grad school" thing aside, I will try to find more time to do some things on this site that I'd been meaning to do. That is...if Battlegrounds doesn't wholly consume me. Damn you, Blizzard.

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