August 20, 2006

A Twinkie 35 ft long, weighing approximately 600 lbs

Whoa kids, whoa. Big update incoming. I've got both the McSorley's trip from last month to cover, plus yesterday's O Bash. To quoth Vegas:

"When our powers combine... we form... O BASH"

Oh, and a big "LOL" at whoever (I forgot who) told me to put up the pictures from the night on myspace. Yeah, I love myspace. No, really, it's great. Fan-fucking-tastic. I'm not being inimical at all...

Anyway, an entry this massive will have to be continued an extended on.

McSorley's, July 2006

This is going to be relatively brief, because while a trip to McSorley's is always a wonderful, enraptured journey to the soul, there's only so much you can chronicle afterwards. It's partly because the night tends to run together, round after saturating round, and partly because through the medium of the written word, one night's experience does not seem that dissimilar from another's (we came, we drank, some people we knew showed up, we laughed, Richie and/or Tommy brought us many more rounds and made a few jokes, etc.).

The Cliff Notes version of the night is as follows: Cha, Heather, Matty, Ron, Lenny and myself leave the Matawan train station at 4:35 p.m., while getting calls from Stank and convincing him to indeed come down. Vegas and O were already in the city sometime after 4, I believe, so they killed time doing...something...while we were rolling in. They snagged a table for us when we informed them that we were nearby.

Luca arrived with a youthfully exuberant Kyle in tow, plus a stereotypically predictable Zach and an awesome Vig plus roommate. Stank, too, showed up a while later. There was a (supposedly) engaged girl at the table we were sharing (we flowed over because we had about 15 people) with a less attractive friend. Describing the superficial and ultimate ease with which anyone there could've nailed those two isn't necessarily my forte, but simply ask anyone who was there and it'll be confirmed: either one coulda been slammed 6 ways from Sunday if the effort were put forth.

Funds were questionable by the end, with Vegas putting in more than his fair share to cover someone else's deficiency. As we eventually parted from the wooden paradise, the masses split three ways: Luca took his crew back to his place for presumed mansex. The group I came with on the train took a ride back to the Matawan train station, while the rest left for Brunswick to see about a party.

As for media from the night...our overall group, plus engaged woman (lol vegas tool), including an extended view of our corner of the room. There were people being jovial, as can be expected, but there was also abducted hash followed by chain drinking.

We waited at the station for our train while Cha purchased the sandwich of death. While he got some action earlier that night, he wasn't feeling too hot on the ride home, which resulted in the ephemeral tale of the parking lot vomit.

And that's that.

O Bash, August 2006

As can always be expected at a legitimate O Bash, the fridge was well-stocked, with noticable segregation between the good drinks and the beer pong fodder. However, in order to mix things up a bit, a watermelon was acquired and spiked. Some sangria was also prepared later on, for those who enjoyed dabbling in such drinks.

The grill was raging outside, while others prepared goods indoors, albiet with some spunk. (P.S. Psychedelic fire, man.) Games of beer pong, as is industry standard, went on during the night. Ryan's DD wasn't touching the cups, so the onus was all on Ryan to down the fluids. After a few games, his perspective of his surroundings probably looked something like this. Bill kept trying to leave, and eventually the majority of us got bored keeping him penned in and went to join the party, so he escaped.

Topics of conversation from the night, in no particular order, included:

- herpes
- hook penis (periodically reintroduced by Stank, making some people laugh hard enough to fall down repeatedy)
- "donkey-style...I didn't plan it that way, she just fell asleep that way"
- herpes
- mexicans = deer
- herpes (lol valtrex)
- firearms
- herpes
- the party animal Bill wanted to be, and eventually became

The watermelon was assaulted, the skylight in the kitchen was still mostly intact, despite the apparently cracking of the clamp. Carnage ensued in the guest bedroom, resulting in a Drunkzilla-endorsed mess. Shawn couldn't believe his brother's abnegation, what with thinking he'd be surfing at 7 a.m. (leaving the party around 3, completely trashed). The usual suspects were cantankerous over the course of the night, taking various opportunities for poses, but there were civil moments as well. I didn't get to climb on O's roof, though, and that made me lament the missed opportunity.

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