March 15, 2009

"I blame myself." "So do I."

Somewhat ironic that the first work I pick up on this site in about a year breaks something. I was uploading photos of my shiny new Sportwagen TDI, and in doing so I found that I needed to update my SlideShowPro because of new Flash versions. Well, doing so apparently necessitates that I recreate the swf with the new SSP extensions. I haven't gotten the time or motivation to do that just yet, so my photos page is effective down for a little bit. Hey, it took me a while to troubleshoot why no images were coming up in the first place - baby steps here.

As an aside, with the somewhat sweltering presence of many of my friends on Facebook, I found that I've had even less motivation to work on my site. However, social networking gimmicks will come and go, but this site will stay as long as I maintain it. I don't keep a diary of any sort, and I've enjoyed looking over old entries and remembering trips I took or events that transpired, so I'll make better effort to keep tabs here. For example, several friends and family members are currently having life-altering events taking place which help put some things in perspective for me.

On a more frivolous note, my townhouse is finally in full set up how I like it, a year later (barring the cluttered guest bedroom). A new car has taken up residence in the garage (see first paragraph). I am no closer to deciding if I want to move in a year or two with work down to Maryland, though my gut reaction is still "uh, no?" at this moment.

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