Dates: November 26-28, 2004

Participants: 17 (over the course of the weekend)

Systems sucking complete ass: 1


This was it. It was going to be epic. I could feel it. Brad and Shawn had run a line from Brad's boss' house...through the woods, over a stream...to this concrete building in the middle of nowhere. Inside this simple building of rock and wood was some very badass networking hardware...and a popcorn popper. This was no ordinary LAN party. It was a full weekend of gaming. I was bringing Joe (Astromonkey, or just Monkey at times) to experience the full power of geekdom that would be unleashed. Moreover, this LAN party was the prelude to my return to NJ. Shawn described the hardware setup as follows: "The network consists of (3) Cisco 5500 Series switches, and (2) Cisco 2900 series. All switches are tied together via fiber. We have DSL internet run from over 1000' away, via fiber as well."


As people rolled in and set up, our outgoing connection struggled through the single uplink that Brad's boss had. During the downtime of gaming when people were setting various things up, Joe and I tried to play some WoW. Our ping ranged from 1 to 12 seconds. But all was good and well, since the gaming was soon underway. As could be expected, the majority of the time we were playing Counterstrike: Source, but there were also interludes of Desert Combat. Stank even took time out to modify an unreleased beta map for us to play on in CS:S. Joe's system was uncooperative, but luckily Shawn brought his second rig and GQ was no longer using it after the first night. Bill refused to comply with balanced teams at times, but it was balanced out by typical Bill-bashing ("Bill, 6-16? What's wrong with you?"), as was to be expected at any of our LAN parties. It's OK, he appreciates the attention.


Food and drink was stored outside, and by the time Joe and I had left on Sunday, I'd racked up about $30 worth of food costs, which was pretty good considering that it had been nearly a full two days. There was a small leak in the ceiling that was made evident when the rain started coming down, necessitating some protection for the precious monitors below. Of course, it's all just talk without pictures, so...


Ah, rig interiors. There was a point in the past when mine was the only one with a window, side intake fans, or sleeved cabling. But now, the infection has spread.

Some of the food is set out, and yes, that's a tent behind there. Sleep accommodations were what you wanted to bring, nothing more.

This cozy fire was a complement to the space heater in the building, which were our only sources of warmth. Aside, you know, from the rows of monitors and rigs.

Afore-mentioned monitors. It's a thing of beauty, really.

The power requirements we brought with us were...how you say...overwhelming to the inadequate electrical system in place. More power was added to sate us and our machines.

Switches of power, here. Normally, you don't see this caliber of equipment out in the middle of the woods. Normally.

It was just so random and unexpected. Something else to add to our power drain.

JerryO is ready to get his game on. Damn kid and his hax.

Foooood. This was where our vittles were (mostly) cooked, on the grill outside.

Everyone crashing after a hard day of gaming in the forest.