And now presenting: sites that only I would visit


BillyVegas.calm - if you know me, but don't know who this kid is, you should probably go there and educate yourself. The only downside to him finally migrating to a real site instead of relying on myspace is that his site construction prowess is greater than mine...even if he did copy my photo album setup.

The n00v's Stomping Grounds - it's not a blog anymore! Interesting photos still remain.

The Cooper Union - as a friend of a friend told me once he found out I had gone to Cooper: "It's a super-secret engineering school. Supposedly puts MIT to shame." I'm not sure about that last comment, but hell if I'm gonna argue against it. Very fascinating info about the school that you won't find on their site is located here.

McSorley's Old Ale House | 2 - during my time at Cooper, if I wasn't slaving away at the lab or in my apartment, I was very likely here. The atmosphere is old-school ale house with great history and Tom is just the MAN. There's a large picture of Peter Cooper inside, among the rest of the notable wall ornaments. Morning, noon or night, it's the place to be. Don't step on the cat! As a reviewer once said, "It is the only "museum" that I know of where you can drink great beer." See the urinals there (they made urinel.net's Top 10 Most Fascinating Urinals). Buy their mugs. The n00v's site, listed above, had some pictures of our times there. Man, I think I need a round right now...